Monte Carlo Simulation For Childrens Stories

Using web scraping, SpaCy, and monte carlo simulation to check children story logic

Bedtime has historically been a battle for our family. Kids have this impressive ability to fall asleep when you want them awake and vigorously stay awake when you want them to sleep. To combat the insanity, we read a few books every night before bed. There is a great series of books for young children called “The Magic Tree House”. The series follows two children (Jack and Annie) who transport to other times and places for some mystery or adventure. [Read More]

How Many Boys is Too Many?

Anyone who has multiple boys in a row at some point asks themselves a question: did I just get ‘lucky’ or are we only able to have boys? As you can see, we certainly asked that question… When we had our third boy in a row I started to wonder: how many children do you have to have of a given sex before you can statistically conclude that there is something other than random chance influencing to the outcome? [Read More]