My Favorite Data Science/Machine Learning/Statistics Resources

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

People often ask me, “what resources do you use to keep on top of machine learning”? I spent some time curating some of my favorite resources and I figured this would be a fine place to share them. But first, there is some bad news. The best resource I know of for staying abreast of developments in the field is Twitter. I know, this is not what you (or I) wanted to hear, but time and time again Twitter has shown me new papers or new findings that have had significant impact on what my team does. [Read More]

Deep Autoencoder Neural Networks for Maximal Christmas Decoration Enjoyment

My wife loves decorations. From Valentines Day to Easter to Thanksgiving, our house is adorned with interesting festive items. Her favorite season by far is Christmas. Every December we drive around trying to find the best Christmas lights. Inevitably, there are a few houses with lights that blink with the music, something I’ve always been fascinated with. Two years ago I embarked on a mission to build my own Christmas Light Show, specifically this is what I had in mind: [Read More]